Labour Candidate Emily Owen: I was spiked and raped in a politically motivated attack

Below is her statement which is from her Facebook

Last year I was spiked and raped in a politically motivated attack.

I have battled with myself for a few months as to whether to tell my story. This isn’t to play the victim, get sympathy or even support – it’s to raise a very important point and comes on the back of Owen Jones being attacked on a night out simply for being himself. That was the tipping point to speak publicly about this. I’ve also chosen now to speak about this as candidates and MPs up and down the country from all parties, including myself, are being subjected to horrific abuse daily and it’s absolutely not acceptable. We can disagree with each other without being physically/verbally abusive and vile.

It was made clear to me that my attack was politically motivated. I chose not to take this to the police for numerous reasons (please don’t comment questioning this regardless of how good your intentions are – I can assure you I didn’t make the decision lightly). I have a fabulous support network and Rape Crisis deserve so much credit for their service. Recovery is a process. I’m within that journey, I turned my anger into forgiveness of my rapist but I have something else to say.

There are some sets of people I can’t forgive.

As Owen Jones used his platform when he was attacked I will use my (somewhat smaller 😂) platform to stand up and be counted, speaking up for those who feel their voices can’t be heard. There are thousands of people who are being attacked every day by the far right for simply being themselves. I will not sit by and allow that to happen.

For the first time in our history, we have a Prime Minister whom the far right regard as their leader.

People are being attacked in the street, threats on social media are increasing, hate speech is now common and there is a real feeling of unease throughout the country. Make no mistake, this movement is real and it’s happening now.

Our leaders can no longer dismiss it as irrelevant and if they do we must rise together to put a halt to it.

Individuals with public platforms (even as small as mine) who hold progressive views know that to say them in the public sphere is putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. I’m sat here using my white privilege, if I was a BAME woman I have no doubt it would be much worse.

The far right can only ever be defeated by a non-violent protest movement – but their enablers must be held to account.

So Prime Minister I have something to say…
The far right see you as their leader. People are being attacked, raped and murdered for holding a different view to you and Farage. I am going to do everything I can to get you and your far right rhetoric out of Office but in the mean time, please show some real leadership. For the good of the country. Stop fuelling hatred, stop making ridiculous remarks about Muslims to pick up headlines when you know they will cause serious damage, call your supporters out on the horrific online and physical attacks being done in your name up and down the country.

To the Daily Mail, the Sun and Matthew Wright on the Wright Stuff who mocked me in the 2017 General Election for speaking out about getting rape threats – my attack is on you as much as my rapist. Your words legitimise the actions of people. By insinuating I was naive and that I should expect it increased the threats which inevitably lead to me being spiked and raped. I was right to speak out about the threats I was getting. You were wrong to try and dress it up like I was being a snowflake. Threats, abuse and attacks are unacceptable. End of story.

To anyone who has been raped – I believe you. You’re not alone. It wasn’t your fault. If you need someone to talk to I am here.

To those reading this and feeling outrage please listen. Outrage is good, it fuels motivation but outrage without action is pointless. So here’s what I need you to do….

Ask yourself what are you really doing to help get Boris out of office? Have the difficult conversations with people, LISTEN to why people are feeling disenfranchised, explain their feelings are legitimate and show them there is another way of doing things. Have the debates with those you disagree with in a respectful way, never get personal and check in with those who you haven’t heard from in a while.

The time has come for us ordinary people to take charge of the situation and bring the country back together.

(Now off to read some more of Margaret Atwood’s new book. Please try and be kind in your comments it’s not been easy writing this)

Via Emily Owen’s Facebook

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